How often do you add new songs to your catalog?

We are adding new content to our catalog on a weekly basis and we’re on the hunt for the best artists to add to our roster.

Are the licenses valid worldwide?

Yes, every subscription license is valid worldwide.

Can I edit the music to fit my project?

You can edit the song to fit your project, as long as the overall intent and character of the track remains unchanged. Remixing or adding additional musical elements to a track for sync use requires permission from SONICA (Sonic Productions).

If I don't renew my subscription after completing my contract, do I need to take my videos down?

No. Licenses logged under a completed subscription contract are perpetual, which means they never expire even if the subscription is not renewed. However, you can not use the song(s) for any new projects after the contract ends

Can I use the same song multiple times for multiple videos?

Yes, you can! For Individual subscriptions, we automatically create a new license every time a song is downloaded. Just re-download the song each time you need it and you’ll be covered for that use

(You do not have to keep the audio file each time). For every other subscription plan offered, simply log a new license each time you use the song in a video to be covered for the use

If I purchase a subscription plan, do I still need to buy a license for each song I'd like to use?

Once you've purchased a subscription plan with us, there is no need to pay anything additional for the licenses.

How should I credit SONICA for the music that has been used in my production?

Although we appreciate music credits in your videos you don't have to credit us when using our music, just ensure you have an active subscription when publishing your videos and they will be cleared from any copyright issues forever.

Can I use SONICA music in my podcast?

Yes, you can! As long as you have an active Personal or Commercial Subscription you are cleared to use our music in your podcast.

Can I cancel my Subscription?

For monthly subscriptions, you can cancel at any time. For prepaid annual subscriptions, you may cancel any time, however the effective date would be at the end of your paid term

and no refunds are given if you cancel before the end of the term.

Your prepaid subscription will automatically renew at the end of the year unless you

cancel it with at least 30 days before the renewal date. You may cancel your Subscription at

any time by managing your Subscription settings in your account.

Is my Subscription good for TV?

No, Subscription licenses are only good for the web. If

you’re interested in television rights, please use the

Custom request form.

What if I need broader rights than those covered in my Subscription?

As a subscriber, you will receive 20% off of any

custom license needed for broader rights. You simply

contact our SUPPORT team and let them know that

you need expanded rights.

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